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Monday, April 20, 2009

List of Andhra Pradesh Secretariat Departments, Secretariat Departments of Andhra Pradesh, Info on Secretariat Departments

List of Andhra Pradesh Secretariat Departments, Secretariat Departments of Andhra Pradesh, Info on Secretariat Departments

Any government department needs a proper guide who coordinates and initiates the works related to the department. This high profile job is carried on by the departmental secretaries.

The Andhra Pradesh Government secretaries or the Andhra Pradesh Secretariat Departments are also carrying on their jobs with utmost responsibilities.

Here is a list of some secretaries of the important departments of the Andhra Pradesh government:

  • SRI.J.Hari Narayan
    Chief Secretary to Government
    Phone: 23452620
  • General Administration Department
    Venkatramani Bhaskar
    Phone: 23457317
  • Department of Public Enterprises
    Shrimati K. Ratna Prabha
    Phone: 23452022
    • Revenue Department
      Phone: 23455030
    • Finance Department
      P.Ramakanth Reddy
      Phone: 23450742
    • Finace, Works and Project Department
      N. Ramesh Kumar
      Phone: 23455529
    • Planning Department
      A,K. Goel
      Phone: 23456026
    • Information Technology and Communication Department
      Shri Sailendra Kumar Joshi
      Phone: 23456401
    • Home Department
      Shri P.V. Naidu
      Phone: 23452143
    • Agriculture and Cooperation Department
      D.K. Panwar
      Phone: 23452263
    • Rain Shadows Areas Development Department
      Phone: 23450355
    • Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Department
      G.Nageswar Rao
      Phone: 23310617
    • Animal Husbandry
      Priyadarshi Das
      Phone: 23452270
    • Industries and Commerce Department
      Busi Sam Bob
      Phone: 23452055
    • Infrastructure and Investment Department
      K.V. Rao
      Phone: 23450517
    • Social Welfare Department
      A.P.V.N. Sharma
    • Energy Department
      A.K. Goyal
      Phone: 23453305
    • Backward Classes Welfare Department
      Amitabha Bhattacharya
      Phone: 23453638
    • Higher Education Department
      Asutosh Mishra
      Phone: 23451424
    • School Education Department
      D.G. Garg
      Phone: 23450356
    • Transport, Roads and Buildings Department
      T. Chatterjee
      Phone: 23452403
    • Health, Medical and Family Welfare Department
      P.K. Agarwal
    • Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department
      S.P. Singh
      Phone: 23450622
    • Housing Department
      A.K. Parida
      Phone: 23450365
    • Panchayat Raj and Rural Development Department
      Dr. V.P. Jauhari
      Phone: 23452585
    • Irrigation and Command Area Development Department
      S.P. Tucker
      Phone: 23452529
    • Labor, Employment, Training and Factories Department
      Shrimati Asha Murthy
      Phone: 23457559
    • Women Development, Child Welfare and Disabled Welfare Departmental
      Shrimati Vasudha Mishra
      Phone: 23456852
    • Environment, Forests, Science and Technology Department
      Shrimati Janaki R. Kondapi
      Phone: 23451440
    • Minorities Welfare Department
      Shrimati M. Chaya Ratan
      Phone: 23452114
    • Youth Advancement, Tourism and Culture Department
      S. Mohanty
      Phone: 23452055
    • Law Department
      Suri Appa Rao
      Phone: 23456360
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